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Hong Kong, China
By GreaterGo Marketing & Promotion
27 Jan 2023

How to post an article / product


Please take notes on below items  
Publish article/product points


Under a subsection of your selected location (Belt and Road, Greater Bay Area, Events and Happenings)



Under the Homepage and your selected location


* Publishing period is 14 days

* Choosing "Featured" can attract more attention from random users

To deliver your article/product most accurately to your target audience, it is important to choose the right section to publish your article.

For example, if the article or product is about Indonesia, you may choose the section "Travel on the Belt and Road" and select "Indonesia". The article/product will be displayed in the right section.

* If you choose to publish under a category in GreaterGo Homepage, you will be charged an additional 2,000 points on top of the basic 2,000 points, that is, a total of 4,000 points.

* Note: Article/product MUST NOT contain pricing.


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