Spring Equinox, Wanjiang’s delicacies, you must come to eat once

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By Dongguan Culture Radio Film and TV Travel Sports Bureau Tea Industry Law Enforcement Branch Bureau
28 Mar 2023

Aijiao, Turnip cake,Garlic Chives Pancake


Use Eryue AI, also known as rice field AI,
Using the most traditional and classic techniques and techniques,
Use the most plump leeks in spring,
Use the brightest .

In spring,
Aijiao is actually made in Lingnan area.

The turquoise horns of Ai are bent at both ends,
Rolling up like petals in the middle,It looks like a diligent buffalo during spring plowing.

However, the Aijiao used in various places is different.
Everyone in old Dongguan knows,
The Aijiao here uses Ai,
It's called February Ai.

Among the many wormwood,
Er Yue AI has more anthocyanins,
The nutritional value is higher.

Ai that has not been tumbled by human power has no soul.
Unlike conventional operations on the market,
Meijie’s traditional method requires experience,
It needs constant patience.

Chop Eryue moxa and add sugar water.
It needs to be poured into an iron pan and stir-fried vigorously.
You have to wait until the wormwood is sticky until it becomes agglomerated.
It not other tricks,
It only strength to insist on stir-frying.

Stir fry for ten minutes,
It's just the arm that's sore.
But what really needs to be kept,
It is decades or even hundreds of years of skill and inheritance.
The taste in time is the least deceiving.


After that, add glutinous rice flour to knead,
and the familiarity of kneading into horns,
It's also decades of muscle memory,and cultural continuity.

Aijiao has two flavors: sweet and salty.
The sweet one is red bean paste and lotus seed paste,
The salty ones are the fresh and plump leeks in spring.

The longan leaves just collected from my own yard are spread on the bottom of the pot,
On the one hand, it prevents the moxa horn from sticking to the bottom of the basin after steaming,
And the other hand, its unique style and taste,
Let Aijiao taste more fragrant.

Except Aijiao,
Turnip cake and garlic chives pancake are also treasure foods in spring.
We put the carrot cake into the frying pan.
The oil sizzled and the fragrance overflowed.

The fragrant glutinous turnip cake has the meaning of rising every step of the way.
It is a must-eat snack during spring plowing.

Garlic Chives Pancake are delicious and plump in accordance with the season.
Even if it's a little colder,
When you bite down,
It is also a full spring.

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Photos and contents source:Dongguan Culture Radio Film and TV Travel Sports Bureau Tea Industry Law Enforcement Branch Bureau




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